The Benefits of Beard Oil: Why men love N'nako's oil

Benefits of Beard Oil: Why Men love N'nako's Beard Oil

If you ever wondered if beard oils matters we will share why they do the the bearded men in our lives.

Beards are in and I hope they are here to stay for good because there is a certain energy that a man with beard have and we personally love that energy.

Beard Oils a great addition to a man's grooming regimen and the lemongrass and lemongrass sandalwood scents by N'nako Beauty O' Natural is a treat that is handcrafted with great care.

Blended with carefully selected carrier oils and essential oils, our Beard Oils are designed to moisturize the skin under the beard, address specific issues like itching, sensitive skin and dryness and serve the beard as its own hair conditioner. Our oils would also add sheen to your beard and assist in its healthy growth.

Our Oils
All our oils are organic and the two main oils in our beard oil blend are sunflower and avocado oils.
We believe in using organic ingredients that are just as beneficial to your physical health as they are to your beauty regimen. After all, your skin is your largest organ and what you put on it matters to us.

Some of the reasons why we love those two oils:
Sunflower oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E.The oil is light, soften the hair and adds sheen
It retains moisturize and hydrate very well both your skin and you hair.
Avocado oil is also rich in vitamin E. It absorbs very well to your skin & hair,prevents hair loss
moisturizes your hair,helps treat dandruff, adds shine to your hair and repairs and promotes hair growth.

Our Bestselling Scents

  • Lemongrass
  • Lemongrass Sandalwood

Lemongrass is our signature scent. Just to name a few of the reasons why we love to add it to our blends and most of our products.
Lemongrass oil is

  •  an antidepressant ( boost self-esteem) 
  • a deodorant,
  •  an antiseptic ( kills germs and harmful bacteria, and treat cuts), 
  • an analgesic ( relieve pain and inflammation) 
  • and an insecticidal ( keeps insects away)

Now you see some of the reasons why we believe that adding those oils to our blends will also matters to you,

Other Scents
sweet Orange

How to Use our Beard Oil:
Apply daily and as often as you please
Apply a small amount on your hand and rub on your beard!

Side effects: No side effects but If you can call that a side effect,   the only side effects we have heard from our customers is that their female partners loved the scent so much that they used their oil on their own hair or that their partners would hang on to them just to sniff them because they smelled so good!
The solution :We recommend buying two or more bottles at a time in case one goes missing!
Our beard oil can double as a hot oil treatment or used as a regular hair oil . Our blends promote hair growth but we have a coconut avocado deep conditioner for the queens, that is handcrafted for their scalp to thrive.

The size of our oils conveniently fits in most bathroom cabinets, in a grooming pouch, travel or even gym bags. We keep your active lifestyle in mind, convenience and quality are both important to us.

We are not just providing a product but an asset and a tool to your successful lifestyle.
Let that beard shine and let it grow full, glorious and healthy with our blends' help!

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Below are two of our regular Kings who love our beard oil!


  1. The beard oil is just one of her many amazing products she has to offer. I frequently use several of her products. All products are made with the finest organic materials, but come with excellent customer service and professionalism!


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