Book Review:Natural Hair Brand Miss Jessie's by Miko Branch Part1



I love investing in books and reading biographies or memoirs because I believe that you can learn so much from people mistakes and successes.

I have seen the name Miko Branch pop randomly in comments or in groups I am a part of and two years ago I even printed a picture of the book and placed it on my bathroom mirror as a reminder to eventually read it. 

Forward it to two years later I still had not read the book until I saw Miko Branch's name being mentioned frequently within 10 days. I used it as my cue and decided to call my local Barnes & Noble and ordered it.

About a week after I ordered my book,  I was coming out of the theater where I went to see movie "Logan" with my boys when I noticed a missed call from the bookstore. They had left me a message the day before.

I can't explain how excited I was when I finally had the book in my hands. I knew it would be the best $15.99 plus taxes that I was spending that week.

Actually let me rephrase it, I was not spending money I was investing it.

That $15.99 plus taxes was a small amount to invest for what I was to gain from the book. 

Miko Branch is so real in her book that you feel like you are catching up with a long time friend.
Despite being natural I am actually not much of a YouTube person when it comes to natural hair videos so I was not familiar with the many videos on Youtube of her and her sister discussing natural hair and beauty.

In a way it was a blessing because I could read the book without any bias or preconceived ideas.

I felt so in love with the sister duo that I eventually Looked them up on YouTube but I only watched the business related videos not the tutorials or any videos of people approving or disapproving of them. I wanted to pass my own judgment by studying them.

As I kept reading, I saw some similarities that Miko and I share but I also saw a lot of things that I could learn from her as a "very successful big sister"!

I felt triumphant of their successes but felt very sad about the fact that prior to her passing, Titi and Miko's relationship had once taken a serious bad turn.  I have 7 siblings and I felt in turmoil just reading of the ordeal of their split at one point in time.

I did not read the book as fast as I usually read a good one because I felt emotional at times.
 Those times when I was not emotional, I was studying the paragraphs, marking and taking notes on all those amazing good business tips Miko Branch was feeding me.

Overall the book felt like reading school material because the business tips were  amazing, even better than reading school material is that her success is real.
This is not some theory from a business class, this is real life, tested and proven lessons from a business in a class of its own.

To say that I am proud of Miko Branch is an understatement. I keep wondering how in the world she keeps pushing through without her sister. So many times, in reading how close they were, I ask myself how one can function without someone they have been so close to since birth.

Miko Branch makes me value my own family even more but her resilience is what stuns me the most.

I eventually researched Miko Branch on Instagram and started following her and what amazed me the most is that she always makes time to either reply directly to a message or reply back to a comment where I mentions her.
She makes time to connect and to me this speak volumes and this is powerful because I know she has an empire to maintain and grow but still values to reply back, when honestly this is more than I could ask for. She left recently a comment asking to know what I think about her book.

I share book reviews on my older blog and always share my good reads with friends on Facebook so here's my review of Miss Jessie's

When you read the book you know that Miko Branch gives more than you can ask for.
I did not expect all those juicy tips from the book. The ups and down, the good the bad, it's in there and she shares it with so much grace.

This is just Part 1 for now because there is more that I want to share about the book. Stay Tuned!

If you've read the book what was your take about the book? What marked you the most? Were you already familiar with Miko Branch's brand?

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