Why Your Support Matters to Small businesses

Simple things you can do to support a small business.

We support big corporations all the time by telling friends and family how much we like some of  their goods or services and rarely extend the same courtesy to small businesses.

We stay loyal to popular brands that are more interested in the dollar than they are in respecting our humanity yet we quickly ignore those little brand that may need our dollars the most but prioritize more their relationship with the consumer because they value the human connection.

In my book Little Corey & Cousin Nia's Fun Trip to the Farmers Market I make a point of sharing the value of local artisans, small business and local farmers.

It's a subject that growing dearer to me because of societal value of supporting the small business around us.

So today I am taking a minute to speak out for myself and for all my fellow small business owners.
Those who started before me and are far along in their journey, those who are considering making their gift more public, those who sorta do exactly what I do but who don't because we all do things uniquely.
( Two brands might at first seem to provide the same products or services but we all have our own unique signature touches. It does not make one brand preferably better, it makes us serve our society differently assuring that every one is served with love because not two customers are exactly alike)

There are many ways to show your support to a small business and here are a few suggestions:

  • Like their Facebook page even if you don't follow. But Following would be nice so you can stay up to date on their progress like that you might be sure to find something you really need/want one day!

  • Just press Like on the posts that you see. You might not be in love or have a need for their products but just liking a post for the sake of liking it is a way of showing support. What does it cost you? Nothing! But what does it means to them? A lot!

  • Write a short comment if you see something you find interesting. You know the internet needs more positivity nowadays why one be one of it's good agent?

  • Send them a quick note of encouragement. Nothing fancy just a note to tell them to keep going or that you wish them well. Have you ever been in a situation when someone told you very simple something that meant a lot to you?

  • Even if you might not use the products purchase the most affordable product that they offer and give it as a gift to someone else.

  • Invite some of your friends to like their pages or tag some friends to posts that they may like.
There is always someone in our mental registry that we can think of that could benefit from the product or services.

  • If you think you might actually like one of their products don't be petty, support them.

  • If you have some friends who provide a similar product and feel like they might be offended look at it this way, you are only doing for the small business something you desire someone to do for your own friends.

  • If you can really afford the products and really like them, do all of the above in addition to placing an order to matter how small. Shop for yourself, buy a few extra for friends and just because
Those are simple things to you but a lot of time they are a BIG DEAL to a small business owner. WHY does it even matters?

It matters because to a small business every little bit of support, moral, emotional and financial matters.
To every small business one purchase, one referral, one kind word is fuel!

Look at it as random act of kindness if you wish.

Look at it as " sowing seed in someone's life"

Look at it as that story of the man picking some Starfish on the beach and throwing them back into the ocean because even if you can't save every Starfish, to the one that you throw back in the water, it's one more for whom you are making a difference.

It does not cost anything to Like a post, a page, to share, to send a word of encouragement and as for anything that cost some money, the monetary value is always less significant than the impact that you are making in the life of a business owner.

For some that money is extra money for their supplies, that's money to set a booth where they can get more visibility, that's money to pay off a debt, that's money to literally put food on the table, that's money to a child's education or that's money for a medical need.

Have you ever said before that you want to feed the hungry and clothe the homeless? When you support a small business you do just that plus some.
They are not begging you for free, but they are exchanging their skills and their resources for cash which convert to many other things for them.

They value your support and when you buy a good or services from some, most small business owners are eager to please, not for the money in appreciation for your support.

I am a small business owner.
Every single customer is royal to me, either they can only purchase something for $10 or place a big order for $200. Everyone matters.
The support of those who can't afford to buy something but still make time to Like or share a post, means something.

Every kind of support matters just like every smile you see during the day matter!

I believe that I speak for the majority of small business owners by making the following statement:

"I am not begging for your support, I am simply stating just how much I appreciate it. More than you would ever know. Every product I make is handcrafted with love and delivered with respect and appreciation.

I respect your choice and the fact that you chose to use whatever amount of dollars or Euros to purchase a certain product.
I appreciate you believing in me or you giving me the opportunity to serve you."

Money is a currency of exchange. I understand that in providing a product or service, a business receive payment in exchange for the product delivered or service rendered; but the truth of the matter is that what we are reality trading is support for and to humanity.

I serve you the best I can because I value YOU and my products or services are just an instrument. Your support emotionally and/or monetarily is encouragement.

It's great to feed the hungry and cloth the naked and sometimes you do it figuratively in supporting a small business or do it literally by preventing them to go physically hungry or naked.

As for me, I have figuratively made it my mission to feed your skin with organic ingredients packed with healing properties and clothe it glow and beauty!

I look forward to serving because it's always an honor to spread some love with my products and services.

My name is N'nako and I support your flourishing beauty, mind body & soul!~NB

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This package was for actor and celebrity Jay Ellis


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