About GoodHealthQueen

I started my blogging journey as Goodhealthdiva over 5 years ago when I transitioned into natural hair.

I have evolved so much over the past 5 years that natural hair is only a portion of what defines me and what I want to share with others.
 I am passionate about healthy living, mind, body and soul, which is reflected in all my books, as I am now an author, and in my business as I now own a vegan beauty skincare and haircare line.

Goodhealthqueen is the more mature version of Goodhealthdiva.
I believe that we are "royal" and that our minds, bodies and souls are very precious.

The name Goodhealthdiva was a nickname given by a friend because I am always quick to talk about something health related as it benefits the mind. the body and the soul. "Diva" referred to the part of my identity that demand a certain order or beauty.
In recent years the "diva" seems to no longer fit because I personally associated with a certain pickiness that truly is not my identity.
I am grown with 4 kids, a marriage of 16 years and counting, a small business, self-published books and the responsibility to be a role model not just to people in my life but to those who follow me on my social media platform.

A ' Diva' can sometimes seems to be 'self-entitled' a Queen knows her value but also her responsibilities.

So here is the GoodhealthQueen! Still passionate about the same things but more conscious about her role!


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