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Why Your Support Matters to Small businesses

Simple things you can do to support a small business.

We support big corporations all the time by telling friends and family how much we like some of  their goods or services and rarely extend the same courtesy to small businesses.

We stay loyal to popular brands that are more interested in the dollar than they are in respecting our humanity yet we quickly ignore those little brand that may need our dollars the most but prioritize more their relationship with the consumer because they value the human connection.

In my book Little Corey & Cousin Nia's Fun Trip to the Farmers Market I make a point of sharing the value of local artisans, small business and local farmers.

It's a subject that growing dearer to me because of societal value of supporting the small business around us.

So today I am taking a minute to speak out for myself and for all my fellow small business owners.
Those who started before me and are far along in their journey, those who are considering making t…

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